Swimming Federation of India
Terms & Defination

Terms used in Swimming Competition
The following terms are commonly used in a swimming competition. These terms help facilitate swift information transfer and communications amongst the Technical Officials.

FINA - FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE NATATION, the world’s governing body for competitive swimming. The HQ is located in the City of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Definition (Extracted from FINA Handbook C3 & SW2)

a. Competitions shall include championships, events and tournaments.
b. Management Committee - means the committee responsible for the entire management of the competition.
c. Competitor - means a person who is taking part in competitions.
d. Official - Any person elected or appointed to any position within the Organization of FINA, the Continental Organizations, the Member Federations and any person appointed into any position pursuant to FINA Rule.
e. Costumes - whenever used in these rules means “swimsuits”
f. Swimwear - means swimsuit, cap and goggles.
g. Control Room - The Control Room is normally situated at the side of the pool where the Referee start the race. The room will house all the Electronic Timing system and where results of the race are being processed.
h. Start End - The Start End is the end where the Referee starts the race.
i. Turn End - The Turn End is the end where swimmer makes their turns for races more than one lap.
j. Call Room - This is the area where all swimmers participating in the competition report their attendance for their race. All swimmers reported are to remain there until they are called to start the race.
k. Holding Area - This is the area where all swimmers are stationed just before their races. The swimmers will be held at the Turn End for 50m race and Start End for the rest of the races.
l. Disqualification (DQ) - When swimmer committed an Infraction during the race the swimmer will be indicated as DQ.
m. Did Not Show or Did Not Start are referred as DNS. Swimmer who entered for the race but did not show up or did not start the race will be indicated as DNS
n. Withdrawal (WD) - A swimmer who entered the race and wish to withdraw them may submit a Withdrawal form on time failing which a penalty will be imposed.
o. Protest - Protest can only be made by the Team Manager. The official protest form must be submitted to the Meet Referee within 30 minutes upon the released of the official result. A fee of $100 will be paid and the fee will be forfeited if the protest is not upheld.
p. DQ report Card - This form contained all the common infractions that may be committed by the swimmers for all the strokes in a competition.